Purpose: To detect incidents of illegal fuel.

Key Output: To identify illegal fuel while ensuring that the integrity of the Fuel Marking Programme is maintained.

Main Duties:

  • Conduct site visits including rural locations to test for illegal fuel;
  • Record data collected;
  • Maintain control over samples and evidence collected and surrender to Analyst in order to maintain chain of evidence;
  • Verify licence status of sites/vehicles/vessels before testing;
  • Report unlicensed sites/vehicles/vessels to Head;
  • Assist Marking Officers when instructed;
  • Prepare statements for incidents of illegal fuel and related matters;
  • Give evidence in court regarding incidents of illegal fuel;
  • Maintain security and control of fuel and equipment seized as required; and
  • Undertake any other duties and tasks that may be assigned by the Head of Division, the CEO or his nominated representative.

Key Competencies:

  • Possess a valid driver’s licence;
  • Reliable and productive;
  • Ability to execute instructions;
  • Strong written and oral communication skills;
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision;
  • Meticulous; and
  • Computer literate.

Qualifications: 1. Minimum of five (5) subjects CXC (English & Mathematics compulsory) with at least three (3) years’ experience in a similar capacity.