Please Note: Bidders are required to inform the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) of their interest to submit bids by emailing us at with the following information:

  • Company or Business Name (where applicable)
  • Name of Representative
  • Business Address
  • Contact Information (email)

  • Bidders are required to review the website frequently for any changes or amendments to any existing bids.

    The Guyana Energy Agency hereinafter referred to as “the Procuring Entity”, invites eligible
    bidders to submit bids for the Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Solar
    Photovoltaic Systems and Distribution Networks for Hinterland Communities in
    Guyana, as per the required specifications mentioned in the Bidding Documents.

    Required period of supply: One hundred and Eighty (180) days from the signing of the

    Bidders are required to visit the site to carry out their own assessment of how the systems
    will be installed. GEA would facilitate contacting the appropriate entities and request
    access to the site by the bidders upon the bidder’s request. The costs of visiting the site
    shall be at the bidder’s own expense.

    The bidding documents may be obtained and be examined by any interested bidder. Bids can
    be purchased for a non-refundable fee in the amount of Two thousand dollars Guyana Dollars
    (G$2,000) from the Cashier at the Guyana Energy Agency, 295 Quamina Street, South
    Cummingsburg, Georgetown, telephone 226-0394 or fax 226-5227, email at
    Alternatively, interested eligible bidders may download a free copy of the Bidding Documents

    All Bidders should submit their bids together with an original bid security of 2% of the
    tendered amount not later than 9:00 hours on the February 29,2024 at the:

    NationalProcurement & Tender Administration Board,
    Ministry of Finance,
    49 Main & Urquhart Streets, Georgetown.
    Clarifications must be submitted in writing to the GEA’s email address at no
    later than one week prior to the deadline for bid submission.

    Bids shall be valid for ninety (90) days after the date of bid opening.

    Bids shall be opened by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board in the
    presence of Bidders’ representatives who wish to attend, at 9:00 hours on February 29,2024
    at the address: 49 Main and Urquhart Streets, Georgetown


     IMPORTANT Notice: Bidders downloading the bid document must forward a registration E-mail to stating the following: Name of Bidder, Address, Contact No. and Email address. 

    Solar PV Systems for Hinterland Communities in Guyana _ Stamped (55 downloads)