Guyana Energy Agency

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Energy Week 2014

Energy Week 2014 Energy Week 2014 KickOff

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Guyana Energy Agency Unveils Plans for Energy Week 2014

Georgetown, November 11, 2014:  Once again Guyana and her fellow CARICOM member states will be simultaneously observing Energy Week! In keeping with the promotion of sustainable energy, CARICOM Energy Week (CEW) 2014 will be commemorated simultaneously across the Caribbean by CARICOM member states from the 16th-22nd November, 2014 under the theme “Achieving Climate, Environmental and Economic Resilience through Sustainable Energy”

The main thrust of CEW “is to build awareness among various segments of the society across the Community about critical energy issues with a key focus on sustainable energy development at the national level”. The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) has therefore planned a week of activities which will focus on energy while giving recognition to its importance in achieving a reliable energy future that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. 


Through art, media, essay writing and open discussions, the objective of the week of activities planned by the GEA is to sensitize the Guyanese population, with specific focus on youths, on sustainable energy, energy conservation (the ‘saving of energy by any means including energy efficiency’)and energy efficiency (the use of less energy to do the same amount of work).

The activities planned by the Agency for Energy Week 2014 are:

Activity 1:

A broadcast of this year’s Energy Week Message from the Honourable Prime Minister and Minister Responsible for Energy, Cde. Samuel Hinds to be aired on Sunday, November 16, 2014 to launch the week of activities.

Activity 2: School Presentation:

On Monday November 17th Secondary school students of Forms 4 and 5 in Bartica, Region 7, will be able to view a “Sustainable Energy” video and benefit from a 30-minute power point presentation on ‘Sustainable Energy Initiatives and Conservation Practices’.  During the visit, students will have an opportunity to interact with Officials of the Guyana Energy Agency and will be encouraged to form ‘Energy Champion’ clubs and meet regularly to discuss the implementation of energy conservation measures in school and at home.

Activity 3: Poster Board Project for Schools:

On Tuesday November 18th, students of Grades 4 to 6 from five schools, namely; Winfer Gardens Primary, Islamic Academy, St. Margaret’s Primary, Marian Academy and North Georgetown Primary will be invited to participate in a Poster Board ‘Express Your Energy’ themed project in a non-competitive environment.  This activity will take place at the Burrowes School of Arts on Carifesta Avenue to allow younger children to convey their interpretation of energy efficiency, energy conservation and sustainability through artwork and pictorial illustrations.

Activity 4:  Energy Seminar

The objective of the energy seminar is to stimulate dialogue and interest among targeted audiences on energy-related issues. The seminar will be held on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at Cara Lodge from 09:00h to 11:00h on the topic ‘Taking Account of Energy Efficiency in our Procurement’. This activity will target Government Ministries, Government Agencies and Guyana National Tender and Procurement Administration (NPTA).

Activity 5: Guyana Energy Forum

This forum, which will be held at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, on Friday November 21, from 10:00 h to 12:30 h, seeks to dialogue and share information on energy related issues. Recognizing the need for increased involvement and edification of Guyanese youths in matters pertaining to sustainable energy, its development and importance, this year, the Forum specifically targets Secondary School Students.

Guyana Energy Forum 2014 has invited the following 16 schools: Annandale Secondary, The Bishops High, Brickdam Secondary, Central High, Dolphin Secondary, McKenzie High, Mae’s, Marian Academy, School of Nations, North Georgetown Secondary, President’s College, Queen’s College, St. Stanislaus College, St. Josephs High, St. Roses, and Uitvlugt Secondary. 

Participants will benefit from the following presentations which were designed around this year’s theme: Energy Related Issues and Development from a Regional Perspective’, The Low Carbon Development Strategy: Guyana’s Vision to Promoting Economic Development and Combatting Climate Change’, ‘The Role of Education in Combatting Climate Change and Achieving Sustainability’  ‘Careers in the Field of Science’,and ‘Creating and Sustaining Science Clubs:Experiences and Ideas’.

Activity 6: Launch of National Art Competition

Students and youths between the ages of 15-19 will be invited to participate in a Poster Art competition under the theme ‘Positively Impacting the Environment through Sustainable Energy’.  In addition to sensitizing youths about energy use, environmental issues and sustainable development this activity also aims to facilitate discussions on energy related topics among youths, students and teachers with encouraged learning throughout the process.  

Activity 7: Launch of National Essay Competition:

Students of Forms 4 to 6 in schools across Guyana will be encouraged to participate in an essay competition on the topic ‘The Importance of Sustainable Energy in Achieving Climate, Environmental and Economic Resilience in Guyana’. The main objective of this activity is to sensitize youths at a secondary school level on energy use, environmental issues and sustainable development, and their inextricable links at a national level.

Activity 8: Daily Quiz and Energy Conservation Measures:

Questions relating to sustainable energy will be aired daily via radio (98.1, 94.1 and 89.5 FM) for five days from November 17-21. Persons will be awarded a prize for providing correct answers.  Energy conservation measures will also be publicized in the daily newspapers and via television in the form of documentary, infomercials, and advertisements.

Guyana’s observance of Energy Week can be traced back to the 1980s during which it was an annual feature. Promoted by enabling a week of activities that depicted various aspects of new and renewable sources of energy, the National Energy week was once again revitalized in 2008 with support from the Office of the Prime Minister, the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP) and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). 

The Guyana Energy Agency, in the exercise of its mandate, continues to promote energy efficiency, energy conservation and the development and utilisation of alternative sources of energy. The observance of ‘CARICOM Energy Week’ serves as an annual feature in fulfilling part of the mandate of the GEA through the dissemination of information, essential to improving public awareness on sustainable energy, conservation and overall efficiency.