Guyana Energy Agency

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Guidelines for Art Competition


Sustainable energy is an important aspect of a low-carbon economy. Renewable energy and energy efficiency, the two pillars of sustainable energy, are essential for energy diversification, energy security, climate change mitigation and overall sustainability. The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), as part of its ‘Energy Awareness’ activities for 2018, is launching an Art Competition for youth between the ages of 15-19 under the theme ‘Powering a Green Guyana’.  

This art competition is organized in an effort to sensitize youth about energy use, environmental issues and sustainable development and their inextricable links at a national level. It also aims to facilitate discussions on such topics among students and teachers with encouraged learning throughout the process. Additionally, the Agency is seeking to acquire innovative designs that may be used to further promote its cause and educate the general Guyanese public about alternative energy and energy conservation.

Target Participants

Youth between the ages of 15-19.


‘Powering a Green Guyana’

General Guidelines for Activity

1.     The competition is open only to persons who fall within the specified age range.

2.     Submitted entries must have a maximum dimension of 18x24 inches.

3.     Submitted pieces MUST incorporate elements of renewable energy and be accompanied with information pertaining to name, age, class, school (if attending any), phone number, title and a brief description of artwork.

4.     Entries missing any of the above information will not be considered.

5.     Accepted artwork mustbe the original, unpublished creation of the submitting person. Up to three entries may be submitted per person.

6.     Adult, obscene, offensive, or otherwise indecent artwork is strictly forbidden. Submission of your artwork acknowledges that your design could be used by the Guyana Energy Agency for promotional purposes.

7.     Artwork must be submitted in hard copy format (canvas, cardboard, paper, etc.),

as well as a soft copy-high resolution image of the piece should be submitted.

8.     The Judges’ decision is final.


The deadline for submission is on or before Friday, June 22, 2018 at 3:30 pm.

Entries should be submitted to Ms. Shevon Wood or Mrs. Taiwo Williams at the following address:

295 Quamina Street,
South Cummingsburg, Georgetown
Telephone No.: 225-8569 ext. 211 0r 236

Soft copies should be sent to the following email address: Taiwo Williams This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Prizes and trophies will be awarded to first, second and third place entries in November as part of our activities to commemorate ‘Energy Month’ 2018. The representative schools (if winner is attending) of the first, second and third place winners will also be awarded a trophy. 


The following will be taken into consideration when judging the submitted pieces: 

Consider: Exhibits creativity

Consider: Artist’s skill in the use of material (s)

Elements of Art:
Consider: Line, color, space, form, media and texture 

Consider: Effective use of forms or abstract techniques 

Unity and Variety:
Consider: Balance of elements, repetition, visual rhythm 

Medium and Texture:
Consider: Appropriate use of materials and textures

Use of space:
Consider: Perspective and mass 

Consider: Appearance, complimentary framing and/or mounting

Degree of Difficulty
Consider: Appropriate for artist’s maturity and ability

Message Content
Consider:  message/artwork reflection of theme (relevance)