Guyana Energy Agency

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Energy Efficient Air Conditioners: Savings is Cool Again!

Georgetown, June, 2014:  For some, an air conditioning unit is considered a luxury, while others consider it a necessity. Regardless, one underlying fact is that they aide significantly, especially in tropical climates like Guyana, in cooling offices and homes. 


GEA Pilots Stand-Alone Solar-Powered Street Light

Street Lighting is an important service that helps to contribute to safety and security of the public, businesses, and residential spaces. Street lights also aide in crime prevention and recreational activities. Over the years, this service has significantly contributed to the energy consumption from the utility at a considerable cost. 


Net-metering demonstration project has benefitted Guyana

Georgetown, October 05, 2013:  After more than one year since the launch of Guyana’s first grid-connected solar photovoltaic net-metering system, the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) has saved more than one million Guyana dollars in electricity costs; thereby contributing positively to the environment by avoiding the release of more than 9,740kg of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas), while at the same time demonstrating that GPL’s grid is stable enough and the metering mechanism is capable of facilitating a net-metering platform.

Guyana usually receives abundant sunshine and has, for many years, been using solar photovoltaic panels for a number of applications, primarily in remote areas without access to a grid.

The Guyana Energy Agency, with support from GIZ, the German Society for International Cooperation, and funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation, installed an 8.46kW Grid Tie Solar Photovoltaic Demonstration Project in 2012 at a cost of G$6.9 million.

According to Dr. Mahender Sharma, CEO of the Guyana Energy Agency, “…the system was installed to promote the use of renewable energy in Guyana, gain understanding of grid tie technologies and demonstrate the use and application of solar photovoltaic grid tie technology”.

The energy supplied from the solar panels is about 20% of the energy required by the load of the building.  During a regular business day, the grid-tie inverter senses the amount of energy coming from the solar panels, measures the amount of energy being consumed by the building, then takes the difference from the grid.  On holidays and weekends, when the load of the building is less than the power supplied from the solar panels, most of the energy is supplied to the grid. The grid-tie inverter is also designed to quickly disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down.

Currently, the system is operating on a net-metering arrangement with GPL using the existing Itron meter. A module upgrade was sourced and installed, allowing the existing meter to now read energy received from the grid, energy supplied to the grid and net energy consumed by the load of the building

GEA is committed to its vision of ensuring Guyana’s energy security through access to reliable energy that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.  Hence, the Agency will continue to carry out research into all sources of energy including those presently used in Guyana. These efforts are aimed at securing and encouraging more efficient utilization of energy and sources of energy in the public’s interest. The Agency also seeks to develop and encourage the development and usage of sources of energy other than those currently in use.

The operation and benefits of the solar photovoltaic net-metering system can be viewed at

Energy Efficient Wood Stoves

Georgetown, 2014: An energy efficient wood stove is a device that is designed to consume less fuel (wood) and save cooking time. It also aids in reducing the volume of particulates and smoke produced during cooking in comparison to the traditional open-flame wood stove (‘fire side’).


BIOGAS: An Alternative Energy Source

Georgetown. 2014: Biogas is a gas produced by the breakdown or decomposition of organic waste in the absence of oxygen and comprises a mixture of gases, mainly carbon dioxide and methane.  Biogas can be used as an alternative energy source instead of firewood and fossil fuels.


GEA Records First Fuel Smuggling Conviction for 2014

Georgetown, February 2014:  On February 10th, 2014, Camille Marcus pleaded guilty to being in possession of illegal petroleum when she appeared before Magistrate Sunil Scarce at the Charity Magistrate’s Court.


The Fuel Marking Programme: (26 Convictions and Counting, Smugglers Beware!)

Georgetown, January 2014: Prior to 2003 Guyana was facing a large number of fuel smuggling and associated tax losses. Non-taxed fuel was being smuggled into the country and sold illegally to retail sites while taxed road fuels were being adulterated with low-tax kerosene. With no means of identifying which fuels were legally imported and which were smuggled, and recognizing the ruinous effect of fuel smuggling on legitimate businesses, the Government of Guyana implemented the ‘Fuel Marking Programme’ in 2003.  


CARICOM Energy Week (CEW) 2013

by Mr. Joseph Williams
Programme Manager, Energy
Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
on the occasion
of the
Launch of CARICOM Energy Week 2013 (CEW 2013)
11 November 2013,
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

I wish to begin by conveying greetings on behalf of the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque. He sends his highest regards and commendation to the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for the initiative to host the Launch of CARICOM Energy Week 2013.


Guyana Energy Agency Hosts Poster Board Activity For Children

(One of the Planned Activities to Commemorate Energy Week 2013)

Georgetown, November 12, 2013: The Board Room of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) came alive on Tuesday November 12th, 2013, with much exuberance and unbridled excitement as twenty six students from four Primary Schools ‘Expressed Their Energy’ through art, at the GEA’s ‘Poster Board Activity’.


Prime Minister’s Energy Week 2013 Message

Georgetown, November 8, 2013:  Guyana, along with other member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), will be participating in the regional effort to improve awareness among its population on energy and energy related issues through CARICOM Energy Week 2013. Commencing on Sunday November 11 and concluding on Saturday November 16, energy week 2013 will be celebrated under the theme, ‘A Secure and Sustainable Energy Future Begins Now’.