The Government of Guyana, through the Agency, contracted Biocode in 2003, a UK-based company, to offer appropriate technology in the fight against fuel smuggling. Biocode subsequently merged with a US-based company to form Authentix which presently provides technology and consumables required to add covert chemical markers to domestic fuels and test for such markers in various parts of the country. The Fuel Marking Division, established in November, 2003, is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all gasoline, diesel and kerosene are properly marked at a known concentration at all legitimate import points. The fuel is then tested at various sites across the country to determine the presence of the markers. A concentration different from what was added at the point of import would provide evidence that the fuel has been adulterated.

This Division consists of several sections viz- marking, inspecting, laboratory, and database management sections.

To contact the Fuel Marking Division
Please call (592) 226-4424, (592) 226-0394, (592) 225-9050, or (592) 225-8569 ext. 208, 217, 239.

You can do your Part in the Battle to Stamp out Smuggling:

When smugglers engage in illegal trade, they evade taxes and rob their fellow citizens since they divert the revenue intended for the development of our country to their own selfish needs.

Smuggling covers a whole range of illegal activities such as: Counterfeiting- including forged money and documents; and Contraband Goods such as foodstuffs, fuel, ammunition and drugs.

If YOU have any information that may assist in stamping out this scourge, do not hesitate to call the relevant Authorities:

Ministry of Public Security: 227-5214, 227-5219
Guyana Revenue Authority: 227-8222, 227-6060
Guyana Energy Agency: 226-0394, 624-5905
Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU): 227-3507-8
Guyana Police Force

Remember, Smuggling AFFECTS EVERYONE!