Solar PV – Isolated Grids

By 2024, revenues earned under the Guyana-Norway partnership and other funding will see investment at 8 different sites. By then, Essequibo Coast, Linden, Bartica, Lethem, Mabaruma, Mahdia, Leguan and Wakenaam grids will have an average of 30 percent of their electricity consumed generated by solar PV.
In the second and third phases of the programme for the Isolated Grids, there is a planned increase of the Renewable Energy share to an average of 50 percent by 2027 and 70 percent by 2030. Solar PV with battery storage will be the main renewable energy resource on the regional grids.

Small Hydro – Isolated Grids

Guyana is currently implementing three small hydropower projects: a 150kW in Kato, the rehabilitation of Moco-Moco hydropower site, which would increase the capacity up to 0.7MW and a new 1.5MW hydropower plant in Kumu. Moco-Moco and Kumu hydropower projects will provide energy to Lethem grid. It is expected those two projects, in combination with an ongoing solar PV project, will provide the Lethem grid with 100% renewable energy in 2024. Other small hydro projects will be pursued to provide energy to the regional grids as well as Hinterland villages.

Figure 3.5 Energy Transition on Isolated Grids