Wind Energy

A wind farm with an installed capacity of about 10 MW to supply electricity to the local grid is being contemplated for Hope Beach on the East Coast. The Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana is engaging a private developer in advancing a wind farm project at Hope Beach.

Under the Unserved Areas Electrification Programme, wind speeds were monitored via the installation of measuring towers in the following areas: Orealla, Region 6, Jawalla, Region 7, Campbelltown, Region 8, Yupukari, Region 9 but the wind speeds were not very attractive.

GEA continues to monitor and record wind data (speed and direction) around Guyana to a gain better understanding of the available wind resource in different locations with a view of developing utility scale wind farms. To date, GEA has conducted measurement at the following additional locations:  Kato, Kumu, Quarrie, Georgetown Seawall and the University of Guyana Turkeyen) across Regions 4, 8 and 9. The measuring towers at these sites will be relocated to new sites.

A wind map is a representation of the magnitude and sometimes direction of the winds of a region or country in graphic form, using cartography with a scale and determined symbolism. The objective of the data represented on the wind map is always to reveal or identify the wind potential in an area. A wind map was created by GEA’s Energy Engineer using GIS software (ESRI Arcmap) and the average wind speed measurements obtained over the years.

Engineers have created a database to capture the various wind energy installations in the country and have since recorded more than 40kW installed capacity. GEA procured a wind measuring unit to measure wind speeds at its head office and other convenient locations to gain further experience, understanding of wind speed analysis and energy potential.

GEA’s Energy Engineer assisted the Wind Energy Consultant contracted by the Hinterland Electrification Company Inc. (HECI) to support the IDB-GEF Sustainable Energy Program for Guyana. GEA’s Engineer worked along with the consultant in identifying potential wind sites along Guyana’s Coast. Presently, there are four (4) sites of interest and a Wind Measurement Programme is planned and wind measuring equipment are being installed in these promising locations in Guyana to collect the necessary wind data for the possible establishment of wind farms to supply electricity to the national grid.

Article: “Wind Stations being installed”

The Government of Guyana and DELTA Caribbean N.V, signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in March 2007 for the construction of a 13.5 MW Wind Farm at Hope Beach, ECD. This project will supply power to the grid and is expected to be commissioned in 2010.

Standard Requirements for Windpark Development