Rudolph Ferreira of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo on March 2, 2012 pleaded guilty to the offence of Transporting Petroleum in Bulk Quantity without a Licence, contrary to the Petroleum and Petroleum Products Regulations 2004 enacted under the Guyana Energy Agency Act 1997. The defendant had been intercepted on June 11, 2011 while transporting a quantity of diesel in excess of 2000 litres in a boat in the Buckhall area.

Previously, Ferreira had pleaded not guilty to the charge but subsequently opted to change his plea.

Mr. Sullivan, attorney- at- law representing the defendant asked the Court to be lenient in imposing a penalty as the defendant had willingly thrown himself at the mercy of the Court.

He was subsequently ordered by Magistrate Leron Daly at the Suddie Magistrate’s Court to pay a fine of two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000). GEA was represented by GEA Prosecutor, Ms. Shivani Balcharan. Marking the first conviction for a licensing offence, this decision is testimony to the fervour with which the GEA is responding to the commission of offences contrary to its legislation through increased monitoring and regulation.

The GEA encourages holders of all types of licences issued for the storage, retail sale, wholesale or bulk transportation of fuel to get their affairs in order by ensuring that all licences are up to date and valid. Any query or concern can be directed to the Licensing Department of the Guyana Energy Agency at 226-0394.