Hot on the heels of its seventeenth (17th ) conviction, the Guyana Energy Agency, represented by in house prosecutor Shivani Balcharan, secured three more convictions on July 5, 2012 in the Essequibo Magisterial District against Mohan Muniram, otherwise known as ‘Punter’. 


The defendant appeared before Magistrate Leron Daley at the Anna Regina Magistrates’ Court and was found guilty for possession of illegal petroleum and petroleum products, storage of illegal petroleum without the requisite licence, and transporting illegal petroleum without the requisite licence in contravention of the Guyana Energy Agency Act. 

Treated as separate offences under the GEA legislation, Muniram was subsequently sentenced to pay a fine in the sum of eight hundred thousand dollars ($800,000) or one year imprisonment for each offence. 

This verdict comes as no surprise after a total quantity of three thousand one hundred and fifty (3,150) gallons of gasoline, found at the Hampton Court seawall in a boat belonging to the defendant, was sampled and tested by GEA inspectors. The interception of this illegal fuel resulted in charges being instituted in September 2011.    

This brings to date a total of 20 successful convictions for the GEA. These recent convictions represent not only intensified diligence and enforcement procedures on the part of the GEA, but the rigidity with which the law views the contravention of licensing offences. 

In this regard, GEA would like to remind the public to ensure compliance with the licensing process and encourages all persons who may have information relating to fuel smuggling and possession of illegal fuel to contact the Agency at 226-0394 or 624-5905.