In commemoration of Energy Week, the Guyana Energy Agency has planned an entire week of events to be celebrated during November 11-17, 2012. Energy Week not only serves to fulfill part of the mandate of the GEA by disseminating information essential to improving public awareness on sustainable energy, conservation and overall efficiency, but acts as a uniting force amongst other Caricom member states on the shared goal of Sustainable Energy Development.

On November 12, 2012, the GEA hosted its Poster Board Activity, aptly themed ‘Express Your Energy.’ This activity was set against the background of the Theme for Energy Week 2012 ‘Sustainable Energy: Powering a Green Economy’.

This activity was contemplated and planned in order to sensitize children at a primary school level, on energy use and sustainable energy development and their inextricable link at a national level. The goal was to tap into the creativity of children at an impressionable age and view different perspectives on energy related matters in a non-competitive artistic manner.

The Poster Board Activity took place in the compound of the Guyana Energy Agency and involved schools such as ISA Islamic School, Jos-El Institute, Mae’s Schools, Winfer Gardens Primary and St. Margaret’s Primary. Children between the ages of nine to eleven from the respective schools were invited to illustrate their understanding of themed scenarios, such as ‘How can I save energy around the home?’ and subsequently present and explain their visual artwork to the rest of the schools.

The GEA encouraged the teachers and students to continue discussions and learning about sustainable energy and named the participating students honorary ‘Energy Champions.’ It is hoped that with such continued activities, children of all ages would foster the interest in and practice energy efficiency.  Artwork would be displayed at the first Guyana Energy Forum to be hosted by the GEA as a culmination of Energy Week 2012.