(One of the Planned Activities to Commemorate Energy Week 2013)

Georgetown, November 12, 2013: The Board Room of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) came alive on Tuesday November 12th, 2013, with much exuberance and unbridled excitement as twenty six students from four Primary Schools ‘Expressed Their Energy’ through art, at the GEA’s ‘Poster Board Activity’.

Aptly titled ‘Express your Energy’, the activity had in attendance students between the ages of nine to eleven (9-11) from grades four (4) and six (6) from ISA Islamic Academy, North Georgetown Primary, St Margarets Primary and Winfer Gardens Primary. The students were encouraged to convey their interpretation of energy efficiency and sustainability through artwork and pictorial illustrations. Enthusiastically encouraged by their fellow team members, students expressed their interpretation of ‘The Power of Hydro Electricity’, ‘Think Act Save’ and ‘How to be an Energy Champion’.

The activity was non-competitive, therefore, students were not judged or ranked based on their illustrations. Rather, each school will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Participation while each student was awarded a token of appreciation as an honorary ‘Energy Champion’.

One of the activities planned by GEA to commemorate Energy Week 2013, the goal of ‘Express your Energy’ was to tap into the creativity of children by allowing them to express their views and perspectives (through art) on energy-related matters in a non-competitive environment. The Posters created during the activity will be displayed at the National Energy Forum which will be held on Friday November 15, 2013 at the International Conference Centre.

In keeping with the promotion of sustainable energy development, Energy Week 2013 (November 10-16) is being celebrated under the theme “A Secure and Sustainable Energy Future Begins Now!”.

The Guyana Energy Agency, in the exercise of its mandate, continues to promote energy efficiency, energy conservation and the development and utilisation of alternative sources of energy. Energy Week, consistent with Guyana’s energy trust and Low Carbon Development Strategy, serves as an annual feature in fulfilling part of the mandate of the GEA by disseminating information essential to improving public awareness on sustainable energy, conservation and overall efficiency.