Georgetown, April 2017: The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), along with other sector Agencies, continue their efforts and work in the monitoring and oversight of Licensing activities to ensure compliance with procedural and regulatory provisions under the Laws of Guyana.

The GEA, a regulatory body, is vested with the mandate to monitor the performance of the energy sector in Guyana, including the production, importation, distribution and utilization of petroleum and petroleum products. While the GEA has no desire or intention to halt, or purposely delay, any business operation by licensed public operators, the Agency is obligated by law to ensure that all regulations and procedures, including those outlined and enforced by other entities, are followed.

In this regard, the GEA urges applicants, license-holders and prospective operators to comply with all statutory requirements, prior to and during operations, to avoid delay; as well as to appreciate the process of the GEA in ensuring all due diligence is conducted for transparency and legitimacy in operations.

Further, the GEA wishes to remind all licence-holders, in the business of transporting, storing, retail, wholesale or importation of petroleum and petroleum products, of their licensing obligations under the Petroleum and Petroleum Products Regulations 2014 and requirements for timely renewal through submission of requisite documentation.

Conformity to the licensing process, helps to support GEA’s commitment to stamp out illegal fuel smuggling through proper monitoring, enforcement and compliance. The Guyana Energy Agency wishes to express thanks to those who continue to co-operate and would like to encourage all persons who may have information relating to fuel smuggling and possession of illegal fuel to contact the Agency at 226-0394 or 624-5905 to assist its efforts in combating smuggling activities.