Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Energy Agency, Dr. Mahender Sharma and Mr. Premdatt Narine, General Sales
Managerof GafsonsIndustries Limited

Georgetown, January 24, 2022: The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) on January 3, 2022, signed a contract with
GafsonsIndustries Limited for the supply. installation and commissioning of a 9-kWp grid-tied solar photovoltaic
(PV) system and a 37-kWh battery energy storage system at the Orealla Health Centre.

Guyana is a beneficiary of grant support from the International Solar Alliance (ISA)for a solar demonstration project at the Orealla Health Centre. The project, “Healthcare Centre Solarization in Orealla Community” aims to provide adequate electricity from a renewable energy source to foster improvement in the provision of health services and an overall increase in socio-economic development in the community of Orealla, Region 6. The value of the contract was G$9,649,932.
At the signing, GEA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mahender Sharma expressedgratitude to the International Solar Alliance for their support in demonstrating and advancing solar initiatives in Guyana. Dr. Sharma implored the contractor, Gafsons Industries to ensure quality and timely completion of the project.

The Guyana Energy Agency was represented by Dr. Mahender Sharma and GafsonsIndustries Limited was represented by Mr. Premdatt Narine