Mr. Jairo Valverde Bermudez, Resident Representative of United Nations Development Programme and Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Energy Agency, Dr. Mahender Sharma

Georgetown, March 16, 2022:  The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) today signed a handover agreement for three (3) solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, twelve (12) deep cycle batteries and eighteen (18) solar PV panels to support GEA’s sustainable energy interventions at community/public buildings in the Hinterland.

UNDP secured funding of approximately G$8.2 million which was used to procure the solar PV systems, solar panels and batteries. The items were formally handed over to GEA who will be responsible for the installations at Kamwatta Primary School (Region 1), Quebanang Health Centre (Region 7) and Sand Creek Primary School (Region 9) as well as repairs or upgrade of existing solar PV systems at several other community/public buildings in the Hinterland. This initiative will provide an affordable, stable and reliable electricity supply for critical buildings (educational and medical institutions) in these unserved communities.The expected beneficiaries are the students, teachers, medical staff and residents in these communities. The installations are expected to be completed within six (6) months.

At the signing, GEA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mahender Sharma expressed sincere gratitude for the renewable energy supplies.  Dr. Sharma highlighted that the gesture is in alignment with the country’s Low Carbon Development agenda and will improve the lives of students, medical staff and residents of the impacted communities.

UNDP’s Resident Representative, Mr. Jairo Valverde Bermudez affirmed UNDP’s commitment to a sustainable and resilient Guyana and to working with all stakeholders towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. He further posited that affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities and climate action aligned directly with the UNDP strategic initiatives and UNDP will continue to support their materialisation across communities in Guyana.