Georgetown, October 8, 2022: The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) completed the installation of nine (9) solar PV systems at public/community buildings in Region 1 in September 2022.  The installations amounted to a collective solar capacity of 69kWp and included battery energy storage systems (BESS), totalling 302kWh.

The beneficiaries and installed capacities are as follows:

Solar PV Installations in Region 1
Public Buildings InstalledArray Size (kWp)Battery Size (kWh)
Arakaka Primary School718
Wauna Primary School318
Santa Rosa Secondary School935
Arakaka Health Centre935
Barima Koriabo Health Post735
Redhill Health Post318
Hobodeia Health Post318
Kumaka Isolation Centre718
Mabaruma Radio Station (NCN Building)20109

The installed solar PV systems at the three (3) schools would ensure at least eighty (80) teachers and thirteen hundred (1,300) students benefit from a more reliable electricity supply, thus enhancing the delivery and quality of learning, among other educational activities. Moreover, the installations at the health care facilities enable an estimated twelve thousand (12,000) residents to access better and expanded services. 

The GEA also assisted in upgrading and completing the electrical network infrastructure at some of these public buildings, along with installing outlets and energy-efficient LED lights to improve the lighting system of the buildings.

Additionally, the GEA provided training on the operation and basic maintenance of the installed Solar PV Systems, targeting male and female representatives of the benefitting communities. The community leaders expressed appreciation for the training

The implementation of renewable energy systems at several public/community buildings in the Hinterlands is in keeping with Government’s plan to provide affordable, stable and reliable energy.