Financing Institution: Inter-American Development Bank

Procurement Type: Works

Sector: Energy

Country of project (or Beneficiary country): Guyana

Project name: Energy Matrix Diversification and Institutional Strengthening of the Department of Energy (EMISDE)

Loan/Credit/Grant No.: Loan No. 4676/BL-GY, Project No. GY-L1066

Contract/Bid No.: 20/2022/01

Bid/Contract Description: Design, Supply and Installation of Transmission and Fiber Optic Communication Lines to accommodate the Solar PV Plant at Mahdia           

During the bidding process for the works indicated above, under the selection method of International Competitive Bidding (ICB), the firms listed below submitted bids. The bid price at opening, the evaluated bid price and their final ranking follow below:

Bid No.Name of BidderNationalityBid Price at bid openingEvaluated Bid Price
1T#1 Beta Group NVSurinameUS$66,573,800US$66,573,800
2T#2 Apan Energy & LG projects Ltd. Group Company and LG Projects Ltd  Trinidad and Tobago and Canada  US$393,967.73US$393,967.73
3T#3 Cummings Electrical Company LimitedGuyanaUS$58,778,730US$58,778,730

Rejected Bidder(s):  NIL

Name of the bidder              

and nationality:                     NIL

Bid price at bid opening:      NIL

Reason(s) for rejection:        NIL

Any Bidder is entitled to a debriefing to ascertain the grounds on which its bid was not selected by making a formal request at the address indicated below.

Awarded Bidder:                 

Name of the bidder               T#4 Ramoutar & Sons Contracting Services

and nationality:                   

Contract Price:                      G$45,044,300

Country of Awarded            Guyana


Scope of the contract:          

The works are for the Design, Procurement of all materials & specialized equipment, and Construction of 2.0km 13.8 kV, three wire (3W), three phase, bare conductor overhead interconnecting transmission line and a fiber optic communication link for the interconnection of the proposed 0.65 MW Mahdia Solar Farm to MPL’s existing Power Plant and works will include but not be limited to the following:

1.         Route clearing, specifically involving the trimming and removal of trees and vegetations.

2.         Site survey including route alignment and pole positioning

3.         Pole planting and associated works for structures that require guying.

4.         Overhead conductor installation inclusive of hardware and stringing of conductors.

5.         Overhead fiber optic cable installation inclusive of hardware and stringing of cables.

6.         Installation of earth sets inclusive of copper conductor, ground rods and other associated materials required for earthing.

7.         Testing and commissioning of both lines.

Date contract signed:  September 29, 2022

Commencement Order issued: October 7, 2022   

UNDB Reference number:    IDB-P911371-01/22

Address: 295 Quamina Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana

Guyana Energy Agency

Attn: Dr. Mahender Sharma – Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 592-226-0394 ext 203