Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips recently commissioned two solar mini-photovoltaic (PV) farms at Aishalton and Karaudarnau in Deep South Rupununi, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo).

He noted that the projects were not only about electrification but about shared prosperity and the overall enhancement of the Hinterland.

The Prime Minister, who holds responsibility for the nationโ€™s energy sector, told residents at Aishalton that the Government is dedicated to equitable development for all Guyanese and will continue to design and implement projects that bring development to local communities.

โ€œWe’re committed to working with you to improve the lives and livelihood of the people in your community. Better housing, better school, better health facility, better infrastructureโ€ฆ And also bringing energy to your community.โ€

He explained that the projects are part of the PPP/C Governmentโ€™s Manifesto promise which aligns with Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) 2030.

The 27.5kW solar PV mini-grid installed in Aishalton comprises a 55-panel, 505Wp solar PV array. The system has 4-12kW hybrid inverters which control the 82.94kWh battery storage system and distribute the renewable electricity to the distribution network.

Addressing the residents of Karaudarnau, Prime Minister Phillips spoke of the importance of reliable electricity.

โ€œThe village economy is linked to energy. Life is no longer restricted to what you can do during sunlight. If you are into food production, craft production, or some form of economic activity with energy now, you can do some extra hours of work. Your children can put in some more hours to study at night, people can prepare for exams, and also for the GOAL scholarship you have electricity now you can study at night.โ€

The solar PV mini-grid installed in the community of Karaudarnau boasts a 25.5kW (ground-mounted) PV Array comprising 51 โ€“ 505Wp solar PV modules. The system has 4 โ€“ 12kW hybrid inverters which control the charging of the 113.53kWh battery energy storage system.

Head of the Guyana Energy Agency and lead agency for implementing solar farms, Dr Mahender Sharma told residents of the communities that energy acts as an enabler for community development, while he also emphasised the importance of energy conservation with the new systems to ensure long-term sustainability.

Credit: Office of the Prime Minister -Guyana