As the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) continues to carry out its regional solar photovoltaic (PV) system installation, repair and maintenance exercise, the Kopinang primary and nursery schools in the North Pakaraima, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) were recently connected to a new solar PV system.

The exercise entailed the installation of a 6kWp (kilowatt ‘peak’) solar PV system and a 28.8KWh (kilowatt per hour) battery storage system at the main building of the primary school.

Meanwhile, two adjacent buildings comprising another section of the primary school and the nursery school were interconnected. The three buildings are in the same compound.

The community expressed profound gratitude for the solar PV installation, which will provide renewable energy to benefit a total of 148 learners, 15 teachers and 10 auxiliary staff.

The GEA remains steadfast in its commitment to provide easily accessible renewable energy solutions for communities across Guyana.