(Region Six, East Berbice-Corentyne) May 13, 2024 – With the aim to promote renewable energy, electromobility development and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles countrywide, the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) held its Electric Vehicle (EV) Show and Tell Exhibition on Saturday at the University of Guyana Berbice (Tain) Campus in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The exhibition showcased the latest electric vehicle models and featured solar energy technologies. The event also provided an educational and interactive platform for EV auto dealers, owners, users, environmentally conscious consumers, and the public to engage on key developments in the electric transportation industry. These trends encompassed EV capabilities and battery range, cost-effectiveness and maintenance, as well as the expansion and use of EV charging stations, to name but a few.

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, who holds responsibility for the nation’s energy sector, in his feature address at the event, emphasized the importance of embracing renewable alternatives, highlighting the environmental benefits and the development of a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

“The world is transitioning from non-renewable to renewable energy. Greater usage of renewable energy will lead to greater resilience against climate change and reduce the carbon footprint on the entire world and help us to be greater in terms of the resilience against the effects of climate change.”

The Prime Minister revealed that the government plans to lead by example, soon acquiring an electric vehicle fleet. With more than 200 electric vehicles now on Guyana’s roadways, the Government of Guyana has implemented several policies and initiatives to further enhance low-carbon transportation. Currently, electric vehicles, regardless of the power rating, attract zero rates of duty and taxes, and there is an increase in the write-down allowance applicable to all electric vehicles to 50 percent annually, to support businesses that decide to invest in eco-friendly cars.

There are six publicly accessible EV charging stations, including one in Berbice, and a total of fifty (50) persons have been trained to service EVs. The continuous uptake of electric vehicles demonstrates the country’s gradual shift to eco-friendly transportation, and it highlights the ongoing plans for electromobility expansion across the country.  

Prime Minister Phillips also emphasized the need for continued support and investment in renewable energy to achieve a sustainable future. He spoke about the government’s efforts to promote solar technology in both urban and hinterland regions, pointing to the distribution of household solar systems benefiting hinterland residents.

“28,000 household solar systems have changed the lives of 120,000 people throughout our hinterland and riverine areas,” said the Prime Minister, before adding, “It is our intention to distribute an additional 10,000 household systems.”

The Prime Minister urged attendees, especially youth and businesses, to embrace renewable solutions like solar power and electric mobility, asserting that electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long term.

According to Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), Dr. Mahender Sharma, the event is a part of the government’s ongoing efforts to continue accelerating the transition of electric vehicles, mitigate climate change and foster a sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation sector in the country.

“We hope that this Electric Vehicle (EV) Roadshow will encourage more Guyanese to consider switching to electric vehicles (EV) and embracing renewable energy sources for their homes and businesses,” said Dr. Sharma. This initiative underscores the Agency’s commitment to developing local capabilities in renewable energy technologies and supporting the growth of the local electric vehicle (EV) industry.

The exhibition also presented an excellent opportunity for auto dealer Massy Motors (Guyana) Limited, alongside renewable energy company, Green Power Solutions Inc., to not only display a range of environmentally friendly cars and engage people residing in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), but also contribute to propelling the national vision for a transition to electric mobility and energy security.

The GEA held its inaugural EV Show and Tell Exhibition at the Amazonia Mall, Providence (East Bank Demerara) in March. This initiative is a significant step towards building Guyana’s sustainable, low-carbon transportation sector.